Whose Stuff Is This?

We are finally home after an unexpected weekend in the hospital.

While I really, really wish the house would sell, I am glad that it didn't before this little curveball.  Andrew also decided to stay in Atlanta for another few weeks so now the plan is for Andrew to leave at the end of May and hopefully the kids and I will be ready by July.

So there's no big hurry to pack up the house, but we are starting to go through closets and drawers to get rid of anything we don't want to carry 1900 miles across the country.  Suddenly I'm not nearly as attached to all this stuff as I thought I was.

I pride myself on being an organized individual.

I love cleaning out closets and drawers and throwing things away.  But what I'm learning through this major purge is that when it comes down to it, I'm really just a hoarder with closets big enough to hide it.

how many cold pills does one family need?!?!

Not everything I'm finding is junk.

Case in point, the inside of this cupboard that is lined with notes of encouragement from my Mom.  Motherhood is hard, but I feel equipped because I watched her do it so well my whole life.  I loved reading the back of each of these to see what she had to say.  This will be going back up in the new house.

There is one big perk to having so much stuff to get rid of.

I decided that before I leave I'll have a Girl's Night an invite all my friends over to drink wine and hug me and take a coffee mug or ten with them as a parting gift.  I'm kind of excited about it.

But first I need to sort through three trash bags of clothes and rediscover what the heck I have stored above the refrigerator.

After all that purging, I went out back to relax.

I am so, so going to miss this place.


Michele said...

So glad you all are home! Enjoy purging- it will make the move so much easier! Beautiful backyard view.