Documented - 4/16

Life This Week:

I kind of loved this week.

Andrew had the entire weekend off and we spent the majority of it out in the yard.  I love when things fall in place and we are able to be ultra productive.  We have a huge yard that is always in need of attention, but it's looking nice!

I posted yesterday about our (hopefully) upcoming move.  

I've been floating between extreme excitement and total fear, but the idea is pretty settled in my heart now and most of my thoughts are in the can't wait range.  I'm no good at transitions so this feels a lot like living in the middle of two things.  I have to focus myself on only thinking about right here, right now in order to be productive and enjoy each day.  It's hard to not get ahead of myself.  

School This Week:

We had a short week this week.  It's vacation week for us so Monday and Tuesday were our only school days.

We started Josie's new American History curriculum (Heroes and Heroines of the Past) and, so far, I'm super impressed.  The first few chapters are a review for us of Native American History and Early Settlers, but because there are so many fun hands on activities, we are going through them again.  We will break for the Summer after the Early Settlers chapter and pick back up in the Fall with the colonies.  That should put us learning about the First Thanksgiving right around Thanksgiving.  I love when that happens!

Josie's canoe from chapter one 

I decided to take a break from school while we are in Arizona.  Most years I've brought her work with us, but after the past month, I need a good, relaxing time with them.  We will continue to read Charlotte's Web and I'm planning to hit the library to get her some books to practice reading.  She will also journal each day about our trip.  Those vacation books are always my favorite souvenirs.  Oh, and we just got to the chapter in math on telling time so I'm bringing those since that's pretty easy to teach.

Throw in the field trips we will go on and I guess we aren't taking much of a break at all!  Either way, we won't call it school and we will be in the desert so as far as Josie's concerned, it's a break.

Going & Seeing:

Josie's Girl Scout troop had a really fun Easter egg hunt on Saturday.  They hunted for eggs and had a bonfire.  We made smores with Peeps.  Super cute.  Their neighbor has a Giant African Tortoise as a pet so they were able to get a great lesson on her.

Monday was Parent Watch Night at ballet.

We don't get to see what they are doing in there so I always look forward to the days we get a peek.  Josie has improved so much this year.  She doesn't practice at home at all, so I wasn't sure if she was still learning much.  Watching her dance, I could for sure see that she is progressing over last year.  We also learned she has a part in the recital!  She hadn't told us so it was a surprise.  She gets to do a little part of the dance out front with a couple other girls before they start.  It's short, but I think it's awesome!  I get nervous even thinking about being on stage!

Today has been a marathon day.

We had to go fill all of Gabe's prescriptions, get to story time at the library, then Josie had Farm Fusion at noon.  While she was there, Gabe, Emma, and I ran some last minute errands before picking her up and rushing home to get the house showing ready before our flight.

Tonight we left for Arizona.

I'm a fan of night flights since the kids might, maybe, possibly sleep.  As soon as their little eyes shut, I'll be joining them!


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