A Good Day

I booked us on the last flight from Atlanta to Arizona Wednesday night in hopes that the kids would sleep.

While the kids were sleepy, as luck would have it, there was a baby in the row behind us that cried the entire 3 hours and 45 minutes.  Like, the whole entire, from boarding to touch down, time.  As much as I'd hoped my kids would sleep, I felt awful for that young mom.  Josie and Gabe were troopers and entertained themselves for the whole flight and when we finally got to my mom's house, it was 1:30 am our time.

We didn't head for bed for another hour after that and Gabe decided 6 am was a good time to greet the day.

Oh well, we are in Arizona and not even a short night can get me down.

I have one goal for this week: love my kids.

Not the normal love, but the verb love.  I want to fill their little love tanks to the brim.  Make eye contact, learn Josie's bunny hop dance, actually get in the pool with them.  Based on today, we are off to a good start.

My sister flew in today to see a friend and we got to steal a few hours with her!

Josie's favorite thing to do here is dress up with my mom's hats and scarfs.  This morning we all indulged her and had a full on fashion show.  Girlfriend knows her fashion.

The weather is total perfection.

By 8 am it was near 80 degrees with a bright blue sky.  We headed for the pool and parked there for most of the day.  My babies smell like sunscreen and have bloodshot eyes from all the jumping.  Bonus: they played together like tiny besties.  

Add in some giant ice cream and we are all feeling pretty happy today.

I love it here.


Gidgets Bookworms said...

sorry to hear about that moms baby, hopefully the people on the flight were nice. I've read horror stories about how parents are treated.Hey we've all been there!

Your kids seem so sweet so it's no surprise they were great!

Have a blast in Arizona, are you thinking of moving there. The vacation could be a scouting vacation! :)

Happy Easter Weekend!

Danielle said...

Looks like so much fun! You guys are pretty adorable!