I grew up with snow, real snow, being a part of my childhood.  

Ice on the inside of the bus windows (yes, inside), snow pants on Halloween, and being able to effectively maneuver a sled down an embankment that my Dad titled "The Death Hill".

It should be old news to me.

But watching Josie race to the closet to find her scarf and jacket then proceed to make 800 snow angels in less then a centimeter of snow, I couldn't help but giggle.

Sometimes, in the middle of the mundane, we get to see snow fall.

And suddenly Tuesday is kind of special.  We dust off the cocoa mugs and find the stale marshmallows in the back of the pantry.  Those Winter coats I bought on a whim actually get used and everything gets covered in bright white.

Grumpy days turn into happy ones.  Lemons into lemonade.  Cold, wet, yucky snow turns into snow angels right before your eyes.

This life is full of warm and cold.  Busy and boring.

And all of it, every tiny little part, is awe worthy.

It's good.

Where was Gabe?

Well, he's more of a Hot Cocoa In Front Of The Fire kind of guy.


Tracy said...

Beautiful! :)

kimmer said...

I absolutely love every photo! And it's so cool that you are flexible in seizing the moment when times like this present themselves! Looks like you got 'just enough' snow for those snow angels. When you were little the snow was usually 2 feet deep, at least! You're such an awesome mother! With amazingly beautiful children!

jordyn said...

so glad you guys were home and safe, and not out on those roads! so crazy out there last night, i worried and worried and worried about my students that were stuck at school all night. everyone got home safe today and i was able to actually enjoy the snow. :)

Anonymous said...

Loved the snow angel! It was perfect! I am a coffee by the fire kind of girl myself!
Amy k.

Michele said...

Loved the pictures!!! So fun!

Michele said...

Loved the pictures! How fun !