Wash, Repeat

I've been feeling a bit Bah-humbuggy lately.

Not so much in a bad mood or frustrated with anything.  Just a little like this whole wash the laundry, fold the laundry, wash it all again life wasn't really amounting to much.  Andrew's hours have been long and due to the constant "We Have The Crud" statues on my Facebook feed, I've opted to keep Gabe home.  Which means my days have been long with little adult interaction.

I know, life I chose.

So to help boost myself out of the grumps, here are a few things I'm extra thankful for.

On chilly mornings, our school room is an ice box.  

No problem, we just move it down in front of the fire.

I've never been more in love with homeschooling then I was at this moment.  And that fire Gabe's sitting by?  I did that.  By myself.  And it even kept it going all dang day long!

Speaking of school, it's going great.  January was a full month and both the kids have really learned a lot.  It's fun to get to watch those segmented parts start clicking together.

Josie is loving Girl Scouts.

I remember Girl Scouts being about cookies and crafts.  But Josie's troop is more into tarantulas.

Yea.  Tarantulas.

You can bet Josie had nothing to do with that hairy spider.

But she is loving Girl Scouts.  The girls are all adorable.  We are smack in the middle of cookie season and the girls have reached their first troop goal.  So we upped it.  They are trying to earn enough to go to the aquarium all together.

Last weekend my Mama had a layover in Atlanta so we went and crashed her hotel room.

It was awesome and I'm so, so glad to get to see her on these little overnighters, but I'm gonna go ahead and proclaim that I hope I never have to share a hotel bed with Gabe again.  Boyfriend isn't really interested in personal space.

I found out my college host educational kid programs for super cheap.

I took Josie, Gabe, and Emma to an opera called Petunia on Monday.  It was about a goose that finds a book and suddenly thinks she is smarter then all the other animals.  It was funny and I was totally surprised how much the kids liked it.  Gabe sat completely still.  Josie participated in the question and answers at the end which totally impressed me.

Josie's still not too old for a good nap.

Bonus: she still fits in her chair.  I have a feeling those days are numbered.

Then on Tuesday afternoon we were hit with a snow storm that shut down Georgia (aka - one inch, melted in 24 hours).

I went all Southerner on it and embraced it.  Two pairs of leggings and every hat in the house.  It was fun.  Really fun.  And you know what?  I like snow a lot.  Especially when it's gone and the temps climb to 60 the same week.

Well would you look at that.

I guess it's not all laundry and diapers after all.


Audra Silva said...

Such a good reminder to take stock of what our days really are filled with. Loved this post. :)