Heart Cath Day

Today I woke Gabe up at 4 am.

I picked up his tiny body, clad in footie pajamas, pillow lines still on his face.

We buckled him in his carseat and drove him an hour away from home.

He was weighed, measured, and pulse ox'd.

Stethoscopes, thermometers, heart rate monitors.

I filled out 2,000 forms and listened to a rattling of things that could go wrong.  Signed on the dotted line while Gabe charmed the nurses.

Seriously, the kid can wrap anyone around his chubby fingers.

Then he took his "Goofy Juice" and they wheeled my baby away.  

On a kid sized bed that was still way, way too big.

And now we wait.

He could be back there anywhere between one to three hours.  They are going in through his groin and his neck to measure all the pressures in his heart and to check the size of all the valves.  I'm an emotional mess, so that could be totally wrong terminology, but it's close enough.

This is a pretty straight forward procedure, but it carries a heavy weight with it.  Based on what they learn today, a big part of Gabe's future will be decided.

We are praying for concrete results and peace for the choices that will have to be made in the next couple of weeks.  A more immediate prayer is that Gabe will handle the anesthesia well.  Last time it was pretty rough for him trying to wake up.

Thank you for loving our boy.


Jenny said...

(((Hugs))) Sending thoughts and prayers for a successful cath with a good report!

Stephanie said...

Sending warm thoughts your family's way from here in California. I hope Gabe is doing well.

Tracy said...

Gabe has been in my prayers today.

Mo said...

praying for you and Gabe.

John and Katie said...

Praying for Gabe. And for you.

Celena Marie said...

Praying for you both!