Back In Action

I was prepared for a slow, tear filled weekend.

Sore legs and popsicles and lots of "hold you me's"

But Gabe surprised us all.  He had a rough time coming out of anesthesia, which we somewhat expected after the last cath, but after about an hour of hard crying and 6 popsicles, he was well on the way back to his silly self.

* apparently, pain meds make Gabe painfully honest.  In the course of 6 hours, he asked my mom what she was doing here, called his family "these people," and told me my dance moves were (and I quote) "stupid."  While he's right about that last one, he did apologize for "being so very wooood" to us.

busting outta there!

he's back!

We won't have the results of the cath back for another week or so, but the fog of worry, that has been hanging a little too close to my head, has lifted.  The unofficial findings were that all of his numbers look good and they are recommending him as a candidate for the Fontan as an elective surgery.  I'm not entirely sure what that means, but I'm thinking it means he isn't quite to where it's totally needed, but close enough that we can move forward if we choose to.

I'm confident that whatever the surgeons decide, Gabe will continue to be Gabe.  Charming, hilarious, and more then a little stinky (day 4 without a bath, gotta wait for those arteries to close up).

Gabe was doing so well by Saturday, we decided it was high time we got a tree up in our living room.

Here's where I make you look at all the pictures from Tree Day 2013:

my cute mom was here for the weekend

for the memory book: 
when we got home, the tree would not stand up straight.  It was pretty much determined to stay at a 90 degree angle even though it was straight at the farm.  we lost a good foot cutting it trying to get it straight.  The star wouldn't stick on and the whole tree fell at 11PM, breaking ornaments and spilling water everywhere.  only us people, only us.


Jenny said...

Glad to hear all went well with the cath and that Gabe is back to his old self! :)

Michele said...

Oh Nicole, I am so glad to hear he did so well! He looks great. Now you can relax and enjoy your holidays. Merry Christmas and blessings!