My Number One Girl

With everything going on with Gabe lately, I've been acutely aware of Josie.

It's a lot for a 6, ahem, 6 and 3/4, year old to deal with.  She gets it, but doesn't fully get it.  And I'm ok with that.  But there is no ignoring that all of this will inevitably effect her little self.  Andrew and I have been having lots of talks with her and about her.  Trying to decide where she will stay during Gabe's hospital stay, figuring out ways to comfort her when we won't be able to be right with her.

One thing we have come up with is taking time to do some special stuff with her before his surgery.

This past month I got to go on two really awesome dates with Josie. 

She's been in ballet for the past 3 years and loves it.  It's been so much fun to watch her improve.  I love listening to her rattle off the french words for the moves.  At least I think that's what she's saying.  Anyway, she loves dancing so when I had the opportunity to take her to two great ballet shows, I was pumped.

Last month, Andrew's Mom and I took her to see The Rockettes.

The show was amazing.  Magical.  I didn't really know what to expect, but it was way better then I thought it would be.  Every few minutes, Josie would look over at me with the biggest smile.  I totally cried during the opening song when the lights were making it look like snow was all around.  

And the next day, Josie declared that it "wasn't really that hard" to rock out some high leg kicks.  It's a miracle she hasn't pulled something.

Yesterday, the two of us went to see The Nutcracker at the Fox.

The Fox is one of those magical places that makes me feel like a kid again.  I loved being there with Josie.

winter has landed in georgia.

I love this little person.


Michele said...

Such special memories you are creating! My girls and I go to the theater any time we can!