December School

Ah, the holidays.

Every teacher's dream.  Here's a peek at the crafty goodness.

Absurd amounts of ornaments:

Snow Sensory Tubs.  On a 70 degree December day.

fake snow: 2 boxes corn starch, 1 bottle foaming shaving cream
messy, but quiet.  and i love quiet.

How much longer can I count JELLO as science?  I mean, it totally covers the different states of liquid.

These hole punched Christmas trees were easy and the kids loved it.  Plus they look pretty in the window.

I planned to spend some time listening to christmas carols and stringing popcorn and cranberries for the birds.  Then I remembered that December is busy and the birds are totally cool with stringless treats.  So we just tossed these in the yard and called it a day.

We painted trees with Q-Tips.  Wanna guess which one belongs to Gabe?

Gingerbread Houses!



"I would like to play with toys.  I would go to bed.  I do lots of work."

side note:  I'm laying off her on the spelling and just encouraging her to express herself through writing.  It's been a battle to get her to write and I think it has a lot to do with my constant criticism of her work.  It's making a difference.  She now sort of enjoys it and we have years and years to work on spelling.

And that's a wrap!

Closing the books until 2014!


Robin said...

You are absolutely right to let her relax with spelling! At this age, kids are still playing with expression and developing an awareness of how the sounds create words. I used to get so frustrated (in the public school system) when I could never allow my students to play with sounds and handwriting and spelling and such. Kids love to play around and write their name in a circle or something. Then I would always find a chance to say something like, "Yes, that IS a fun way to write and I like the creativity. When you have paper with lines, try to write using the pink and blue lines." Anyhow, I went off on a tangent just to say that it looks like you're doing a fantastic job teaching them and letting them explore!