First things first.

I turned 31 this past Sunday.  Officially IN my 30's.

On to the good stuff.  Here's what I wore my very first week of 31:

sunday - birthday!  shopping, eating, more eating.  
it's how we celebrate

new messy undo that I'm a little in love with

monday - ballet

tuesday - laaaaazzzyyyy
but hey, i bathed and washed my hair!

wednesday - massive errands all before noon
two favorite accessories: kid made jewelry and the red cup

news flash: not one item from target!

oh boo.  the shoes are.  but that's pretty good for me!

thursday - girl scouts!

friday - small group christmas party
we played bunco and it was F-U-N!


Becky G said...

Merry Christmas Eve! Love your outfits. Is the mustard cardigan from Target? If it is, I have it and wear it about once a week! Visiting from The Pleated Poppy!