2013 Gingerbread House Party

We've had such a crazy month that I almost didn't do our annual gingerbread party. 

However, I'm a stickler for traditions and the thought of skipping a year really bugged me. So I invited Kelsey and Amber over for a "girls night," also known as "come help me put together 20 gingerbread houses."

We got it done and this past Saturday my house was overtaken with sugared up elves.

This year's party felt busier then the past three so I don't have as many pictures.  Also, please note, last year we had a sunny 65 degree day for the party.  This year?  30 and freezing rain.  That's Georgia for ya.

Blogger Fail: didn't get a good shot of the adorable cupcakes

So much fun!

Now we are done with holiday parties and I just placed my last Amazon order.  We are officially in Holiday Relax Mode!

Because it's fun to watch the kids grow:

2010 Party
2011 Party
2012 Party


kimmer said...

What a fun tradition! Looks like a huge success by all those beautiful smiles! I love seeing them !!!

Celena Marie said...

I love this idea! Definitely going to do it with my kiddos. And happy birthday! My birthday was yesterday. :) I love celebrating it in such a festive season! Isn't it the best?!