Round Here

Howdy, howdy!

How are you all doing?  Feeling Christmassy yet?

We are a bit waterlogged down here in Georgia, but if I squint really hard I can almost pretend that it's snowy and 25 degrees instead of rainy and nearing 60.  Even after 13 years of Southern Christmas, I still get a little Scroogy at the lack of Winter weather.

However, I am finally sitting down for the first time today after hosting our 3rd Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Party and few things make me feel as jolly as watching 20 little elves decorate mini houses with an over abundance of sugar.  

Then there's this picture to push me over the edge:

new favorite twirling dress: Taylor Joelle 

We've had an excellent week here.

I barely had to leave our 30 acres and that always makes me extra happy.  We even had a few days soaked in sunshine.

Gabe is doing unbelievable well recovering from his cath.  I feel silly even using the word recovering.  Other then the nasty bruise on the side of his neck and the remnants of surgical tape (that stuff is seriously sticky) you'd never even know he had such a big procedure done last week.  

As you can see, he's back to his usual antics.

Josie is currently obsessed with all things La La Loopsy.

I'm not sure how she sleeps with these extremely hard headed dolls, but she does.  Daily Pre-Nap Shows are now the norm and her Christmas List is full of strange names that I can only guess must be new dolls to add to her collection.

We also joined the rest of America this week and got a real TV.

We've had a tiny one in our bedroom but haven't had TV in the living room for 6 years.  I was opposed to the idea at first but after one day I changed my mind.  We did find an awesome cabinet with a mirrored front that hides it when we aren't watching it.  

installation project manager

Andrew's happy and we used the boxes to make the kids a ginormous playhouse out back.  They've been busy painting and decorating it, resulting in a whole lot of quiet sibling bonding.  Win win.

why do my kids never have on matching socks?!?

And we wrapped this week up today with the gingerbread party.  

So much candy.  So much fun.  We have excellent friends.

Tomorrow's my birthday.

Officially "in" my 30's.  Andrew and I are going to spend the day doing whatever it is that we feel like doing (which includes shopping and food) then heading out to dinner with his parents to celebrate all of our birthdays.

That about wraps it up!  This almost 31 year old needs to hit the hay.

Have a great week everyone!


kimmer said...

Loved you 'in' your twenties, I'll love you 'in' your thirties too! Happy Birthday Nicole!!!