Fast As Fast Can Be!

Oh, where oh where do I come up with these ideas?!?!

A few weeks ago, inspiration struck and I decided to throw a little Gingerbread House Party for Josie's little friends.  My friend Tiffany was all about it so we sent out some invites and had about 5 Mamas say they could bring their elves.

Then Sunday night I sent out one last reminder.

And 20 Mamas responded!

YIKES!  That's a lot of elves!

One emergency trip to the store later we were ready for action.

And there was a lot of action!

The house making was way, way less chaotic then I thought it was going to be.  The kids all loved it and throughly enjoyed licking all the extra frosting!

They were done in about 20 minutes and then they slowly disappeared upstairs. 

Us Moms got to enjoy 90 minutes of adult conversation!

And I am happy to report that the Toy Room stood up to all 18 children going wild in it!

 I had so much fun with this party!  I'm already thinking up ways to make it even better next year!