What I Wore Wednesday

I have an idea, let's start the week off with some insanely blurry pictures!

I'm just too lazy to go put this outfit back on so here's to hoping you still like me after this.

Wednesday - MOPS & Shopping w/ my Mama

Black Shirt - Old Navy
Dress (that's actually a swimsuit coverup) - Target ($4.98!)
Leggings - Target
Non Pirate Boots - Target

What?!?!  Don't you stand on your counter to take pictures of your boots?!?! 
I'm sure Josie thinks I've lost my mind.  But I love my new boots like crazy and feel much less like I need an eye patch to wear them!  And my outfit made me feel very "Kelly"

Thursday - Mom to the Airport & Hampton Parade

Plaid Shirt - Target
Purple Sweater - Express
Skinny Jeans - Target

Friday - Grocery Store & Waffle House Santa's Sleigh Party

Black Tank -Target
White Sweater - H&M
Skinny Jeans - Target

Saturday - Atlanta Children's Parade & Dinner w/ Fam

White Shirt - H&M
Striped Cardigan - Target
Skinny Jeans - Target

Sunday - Church, H2H, Dinner W/ Friends

Grey Tank - Target
Striped Cardigan - Franchescas
Jeans - Target
Boots - Target

Monday - Errands & Dinner @ Darlene's

Black Turtleneck - Target
Sweater Thingy - Target
Jeans - Gap

(there's that disgusting mirror we all love!)
Tuesday - Gingerbread House Party

Green Shirt - Target
Jeans - Target
Necklaces - Target


Dee said...

Of course you hopped on the counter! How else were we supposed to see such cute boots? Cute and inventive!

It's a Wannabe Decorator's Life said...

You cracked me up on top of your counter! My sister stands on her bathtub so we can see her! You look great, as usual! Your hair is looking especailly pretty!

Paige @ The Wandering Cottage said...

Cute outfits!

Susanne said...

love your striped cardis and your sweater thingy! also love your non-pirate boots!!