My Trashy Mantle


I had to go way back to MAY to find when I started this project!

Anyone remember my big plan for my toilet paper rolls!?!?

Well, 7 months later and I'm finally finished with it!

It's been squished in a closet, stepped on, and left outside in not so great weather.  But it held up well enough to be used for Christmas!

Ugh.  I can see it bending from here!  I'm pretty sure the rolls will end up in the trash after Christmas, but I am proud that I used only trash to make my mantle this year!

Yup, the wreath is trash too!

Amber found the tutorial for that bad boy and it is gorgeous! 

Guess what it's made out of???

Coffee Filters!

400 coffee filters to be exact!

It turned out to be huge and very fancy looking.  I won't lie though, it took forever.

Well, it didn't take 7 months so I guess not forever, but it did take a long time.

And lots of glue gun burns.


Heather said...

I like the toilet paper rolls maybe attached to a foundation (cardboard?) covered with colored tissue paper... so it will not droop... hmmm... maybe!

Amber said...

I like your trashy-ness! It looks great, even if it's a little droopy!