It's No Wonder

In the past week we've:

Soaked up as much sunshine as possible.  Real Fall is creeping in!

Crafted Alone.

Crafted with friends.

Knocked out five school days.

Read some good books.  (And I got to go to book club!)

Green (and orange, red, & purple) Juiced.  Warding off the yuck.

Sang in Chapel.  Children's choir makes me insanely happy.

Ballet-ed.  She looks like a real dancer this year and that makes me about as happy as children's choir.

High kicked it with The Rockettes.

Which might have lead to this.  

Showed our Northern Grandparents some Southern Charm.

It's no wonder our afternoons are looking like this:

Oh man.

A napping almost seven year old makes me happier then a room full of ballet dancers singing children's choir songs.  She's still my baby.


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kimmer said...

And we had the best of times....love you!!!❌⭕️