Roam School - The Rock Ranch

Yesterday we met up with a few friends for a great field trip.

The Rock Ranch is owned by Truett Cathy (founder of Chick-fil-a for anyone who doesn't live in the South).  They do a ton of fun activities there, but in November they host "Pilgrims To Pioneers."

Pilgrims To Pioneers is set up in stations.  The kids rotate between them and hear a mini lesson at each one.  They got to grind corn, hear about the first Thanksgiving, tour a one room pioneer house, see a covered wagon and hear about what it was like to travel that way, visit an indian teepee, and go on a hayride.

It was set up really well.  There were quite a few schools there and it never felt crowded.  They also kept the talks quick but gave out great information.  I was really impressed.

After a chilly weekend and rain all day Sunday, we were pretty sure we'd have to cancel the trip.  We were way wrong.  It was 75 and sunny the whole day.  So gorgeous out, even if none of us were dressed for such a warm day!

The hit of the day was Tiny Town.  

A whole street lined with kid sized play houses made up like a town.  There was a school, a church, a courthouse and jail, and lots of little shops.  The kids loved it.   

We rounded out the trip on the giant inflatable pillow!  So fun!

It was a great field trip!


kimmer said...

What a fun day!!! Tiny Town...love it!!!