Landforms Unit

At the start of the Summer I pulled up our states 1st grade objectives to see what things I wanted to touch on from it.

I'm not really interested in what public schools are doing.

Wait, that's not true.

I am overly interested in what public schools are doing, but try really hard not to be.

My goal in homeschooling isn't to recreate a public school setting or curriculum, it's to foster a love of learning while teaching my kids in a way that works best for them.  And as much as I'd love to say that stays front and center at all times, I'd be lying.

Cause a lot of times I see what my friends kids are doing and I start comparing.  And if Josie's isn't quite there yet, I stress.  But I'm working on shutting that down.  Learning to celebrate all the different ways kids can learn without letting it make me feel uncertain about what I'm doing.

But that's totally off point.

This is a post about landforms, which happened to be on the 1st grade objective sheet for our state.  A lot of things on the list I decided she already knew, or they weren't, in my opinion, worth spending school time on.  This one looked fun and interesting though.

And we did have a blast with it and learned a lot!  It was also neat to take a few field trips to see the different landforms first hand.

We started by learning the vocabulary words and listing the different landforms.  From there, we focused on one landform each school day (we only did school two days a week in August) and worked on science experiments, art projects, and field trips where we could.


kimmer said...

Good work Josie! You are learning so much! I love seeing all the projects you guys do!

Nicole T said...

FUN!! You always do the greatest lessons!! As my husband would say, what Josie learned in those few days is more than most public school kids actually learn in a month!

Danielle Huddleston said...

Thanks for this! I think the boys and I will study this some for next week!

Kareninaz said...

on the objectives sheet, that is the things they are supposed to learn this year right? Well what about the ones that she may not know that you decided weren't worth spending school time on? Not being snarky, really curious.

The Mrs. said...

GREAT activities! We are working on this lapbook currently!