Setting Down The Heavy

Some of my favorite people in the world as sick and it's scary.

Big illnesses with uncertain outcomes, invading my life.  Attempting to weigh me down.  I don't like to think about it and have no words to talk about it so I carry it and sometimes it gets heavy.

Sitting on the back porch at our family cabin last week, I had a moment where I realized that carrying the weight of all the "what if's" wasn't productive.  It wouldn't change the sucky diagnosis.  It wouldn't make the miles any shorter.  It wouldn't give me any redo's.

So I breathed in the crisp air and I set it all down.

Not that I won't still think about it and not that worry won't occasionally creep in, but I'm choosing not to carry it around with me.

I have more I want to say about it all, but no words to actually express it.  So instead, here are some pictures from our day at my family cabin in Northern Minnesota.


kimmer said...

Life can be tough at times...and that's hard. But then there are also the days, the moments of pure joy mixed in. We will worry and it can be stressful...being aware and acknowledging that is good. Then setting it down and moving forward in a positive spirit is the very best way to go! Each day is such a gift. And you are insightful and beautiful. Hugs galore!!!

Tracy said...

Beautiful photos. I love Minnesota. ♥

Also a beautiful attitude.

Michele said...

Praying that The Lord will ease your burdened heart!