Blahsay Blah

I've been trying to think of a word to describe how I've felt this past week and all I can come up with is Blah.

Nothing bad happening, just a lot of life.

Sometimes when my to do list gets past a certain point, I just scoop myself a bowl of ice cream and pretend it doesn't exist.  Only problem with that is eventually the list needs to be tended to and now I have to add washing my bowl to it.

Truth is, I've Been a little down these past few days.

And I hate it.

My day to day has been busy and satisfying. Lots of extra little friends around, my two have been getting along, Andrews been home a lot. But the things that lay outside my everyday, the ones that are always on the outskirts of every thought, have been heavy.

There's family members I'm worried about. Feeling helpless to be Here when I'm needed There. But there's more then one There and the miles between make it impossible to stand. At the root of all my sadness is the fact that I'm homesick.

But the fog is lifting. The kids and I are flying North then headed South and by the end of the month I think I'll be standing on solid ground again.

I can barely believe it's almost August already!

Most of Josie's little buddies are heading back to school over the next week.  I decided that we are going to hold off our official launch into First Grade until after Labor Day.  I'm hoping to make up some of the pool days we lost to all the rain.  But our lessons are all planned out and the shiny new curriculum are waiting on the shelf.  This year is going to be a ton of fun.

And that's about all I have for today.

Oh, that and the most hilarious pair of tiny undies in the world.

It's hard to stay sad when you see this guy smiling at you!


Autumn said...

What are you using for curriculum? I will have a 1st grader too!

Michele said...

Praying your week gets better, Nicole! That sweet girl of yours is sure to put a smile on your face...she is simply beautiful!