Documented - 7/26

Life This Week:

It's been a really great Summer over here.

We haven't done anything huge, but we have done a lot.  This has been our most laid back Summer ever.  I'm guessing that has to do with our house being baby-less.  It makes it easy to just go or just stay.

The kids have gotten lots of time with friends and family.  We have one more full month of break before life will start revolving around school.  We have a trip up to Minnesota planned and are hoping to get down to Florida too before we start back up.

School This Week:

We haven't officially started back yet, but we have started.

Josie picked her pen pal for the year and is doing a Summer Reading Challenge.  She has a ways to go to meet her goal so I'm pretty sure it'll turn into a Fall Reading Challenge, but she is really starting to like reading so it's paying off.  Practice really does help.

We are doing a big unit on landforms this month.  It's one of the first grade objectives I wanted to finish before the school year.  It will feel good to start off the year with something already crossed off my list.

Gabe found frog eggs in the pond a few weeks ago.  We got to watch them hatch and are waiting for some little legs to start growing.  Based on our last few units, I really like life cycle projects!  Josie is documenting the changes every few days in her nature book.

Going & Seeing:

I'm feeling a bit run down from all the Seeing we've been doing!

We have had friends over pretty much everyday for the past two weeks straight.  I know I'll miss it once most of Josie's friends go back to school next week, so I'm OK with it but I'm about ready for some down days!


For new life.

My best friend had her baby this week.  Amelia Jane stole my heart as soon as I walked in the room.  My house might be baby-less, but I sure am thankful that my life isn't.