Garden Woes

It happens every year so I'm not sure why I'm so disappointed.

I starts with a few missed (forgotten) waterings and then the bugs and then weeds.  Before I know it, the garden is looking sad.

Withery, dry, holey.  Sad.

The missed waterings weren't entirely my fault.

The area surrounding our house has been hit with nearly daily rain showers.  Big, fat drops for hours.  But we seem to live in a vortex and missed over half of the wet stuff.  I kept assuming it was about to rain and then it didn't.

I am also placing partial blame on the pool leak.  We shocked the pool and found out the leak was putting water pretty close to the garden.  So much for a chemical free farm.

And then there's these guys:

You're cute little bugger, but come on.  If you're going to eat a hole in my zucchini, could you at least pick ONE and eat the whole thing?!  Tiny holes in all of them just isn't fair.

I'm not throwing in the towel just yet.

The garden is still producing.  I just picked another colander of cherry tomatoes and 5 green peppers.  I'm getting a cucumber every day that goes straight into my juicer.  And there is the promise of watermelon in a couple of months too.

I even found a little surprise out there this week.  

Last year's okra took it upon itself to replant.  Maybe this year we will actually eat some of it.

But the whole thing is ugly.  Which bums me out.

Dang.  Dang.  Dang.


Nicole said...

That reminds me ... I need to get outside and water! Our production has been late! So far I have only gotten two tomatoes and some jalapeƱos. Hoping for some zucchini and cucumbers soon!

Kelsey Nichols said...

I'm patiently waiting for my dang tomatoes to turn red.

Tracy said...

My whole yard looks pretty woeful all the time. :( The green pepper looks beautiful!