Little Of This, Little Of That

Happy Monday Everyone!

It's actually our Saturday, so we are all smiles over here.  One perk of being a Waffle Family, our case of the Mondays rarely happens on a Monday.

We are spending the day doing some yard work up at The Farm House.

I'm beyond excited at what's going on up there, but not quite able to share yet.  I know, I know.  Rude. Things should be more official in the next week and then I can take you on a little tour.  It won't be pretty, but it will make us all appreciate the transformation that much more.

But in the meantime, we have 12 billion overgrown flowers, plants, trees, and bushes to deal with up there.  We won't talk about the fly traps and mouse droppings (aka: Nasty).

Other then yard work, I'm super excited because I get to host book club tonight!

I love our book club so, so much.  We read Save Me and I have a few fun themed ideas for our meeting tonight.  One may or may not include a hairnet.  The book started out good and got a bit far fetched towards the end.  I still liked it and think it will be a good discussion.  If not, I'll have wine and chocolate pie so I think they'll forgive me.

Our pool has a leak. 

Major bummer.  We think, fingers crossed, that we found a solution and we should be up and running by next week.  In the meantime we've been pool hopping with our buddies.  

Nothing says It's Summer like babies that smell like sunscreen.

By the look on Andrew's face, I'd say my free time is over.  Off to put my Paul Bunyan skills to work!

Have a good Monday.  Or Saturday.