TOS Review - Christianity Cove

What Is It?

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Christianity Cove is a one stop shop for all things Sunday school.  Lesson plans, games, crafts, and skits.  Of course, these things can be used in the home or the church.  Christianity Cove believes that there is no reason for children's ministry to be expensive.  They provide teachers and parents with plans that utilize everyday objects in a way that really shows kids what the Bible is all about.

We were sent a download of their Outstanding Object Lessons for this review.  This download included a large amount of object lessons to teach a wide variety of bible lessons and character traits using everyday household objects.

How We Used It:

We haven't done many Bible lessons this year.  Josie goes to AWANAS every Wednesday and church on Sundays.  She has memory verses for each so that's pretty much been what we've done for lessons at home too.  I knew that we weren't going to do an object lesson every day for this review, so I went through and picked out the ones that I thought were relevant to Josie's age.  We did one a week.

Christianity Cove was easy to implement into our week.  After picking the ones that we were going to do, I just read over the supplies we'd need and the lesson so that I'd have a general idea of what we'd be talking about.  On the day we did the lesson, I gathered the supplies and just read the lesson.

As luck would have it, we were learning about caterpillars and butterflies when we started this review and one of the lessons is about caterpillars.  I picked that as our first object lesson and Josie enjoyed it.

My Opinion:

I think that this would be an awesome program for a Sunday school class or a co-op.  It is very well laid out and easy to use.  All of the objects you would need to teach the entire curriculum are things that are available in most houses or easy to get.

I would also say that this is a good program for homeschoolers looking to add Bible or character training into their lessons.  All of the lessons we did worked well with only one student.  While I don't plan to add this to our weekly schedule, I do know that I will reference it throughout the year to help address common behavior problems or to help answer certain questions she has about the Bible.

Christianity Cove requires very minimal planning on the part of the teacher which is also a big plus.  I think that many of these types of lessons are available online, but it is really nice to have it all organized in one place with the lesson scripted out for you.

I didn't like that there wasn't much detail about the programs on their website.  I have a hard time ordering anything that I can't see before hand.  They do have a sample lesson, but what you actually get in this download is much more material that you'd think by looking at the website.

Product Details:

Outstanding Object Lessons: $28.00


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