TOS Review - Birdcage Press

What Is It?

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Birdcage Press is a company that took history, art, and nature and paired it with long loved children's games to make learning fun.  They offer games and books covering a vast array of topics that are sold in museums and specialty shops, as well as on their website.

For this review, we were sent the Art Up Close - Museum of Modern Art memory and match game.  The cards are a little bit bigger than playing cards and printed on thick card stock type paper.  They are a great quality and could for sure stand up to many little hands playing with them.

How We Used It:

Josie is at the young end of the recommended age, so I wasn't sure how I wanted to use them with her at first.  I decided to let her explore them first and then try the games.  There are 48 cards depicting famous works of art and facts about the artist or artwork.  A lot of the art was new to me too and we enjoyed talking about which ones were our favorite or what we thought the artist was trying to show.

There were directions for how to play Memory, Old Maid, and two new matching games in the deck as well as a scavenger hunt for the museum.  We tried them all (except the hunt at the museum of modern art) and ended up having the most fun doing the finding game where I showed her the zoomed in card and she had to find the card that showed the whole painting.  She was even able to memorize a few of the names of different artists and art work.

My Dad is an art lover and I can't wait to take these out the next time he is at our house.  He will be able to tell her a lot more about it than I ever could!

My Opinion:

I think these cards were a great way to introduce Josie to all the different types of art that are out there.  We hadn't done any art study before and was surprised at how much we both enjoyed it.  I also think this is a deck of cards that you could build on as your student gets older.  This would be a unique gift for a child that likes art as well.

After seeing the art cards, I'm dying to order the bird cards.  The nature series looks awesome!

Product Details

Art Up Close - Museum of Modern Art: $10.95


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