Butterfly Unit

We had a total blast with this unit.  All of our activities were fun and we all learned a lot, but watching our 5 caterpillars turn into butterflies was by far the highlight of the month.  You can get these Butterfly Pavillions from Amazon or pretty much any teacher supply store for about $20.  Homeschooler or not, this is more than worth the money.

butterfly pavillion; know/want to know/learned chart; butterfly observation book
butterfly life cycle; caterpillar toes art; butterfly lunch; popsicle stick art; butterfly snack;
beaded butterfly craft; butterfly feeder; butterfly release


Autumn said...

This is great! I may have to use some of these ideas! I'm hoping to post about this soon, but get this... my kids caught a caterpillar last September. It went into it's chrysalis Sept 13. I had that thing sitting on my kitchen windowsill all winter, and on May 14, we released a butterfly! Crazy!

Danielle Huddleston said...

We are doing the butterfly kit! I remembered you had and was checking to see what you guys did :) I am better with seeing than reading directions :) So thanks for posting!