Results Are In

This past week has been long.

The 24 hours after Gabe's cardiologist appointment were, interesting.

He was instantly proud of his holter monitor, showing it off to anyone that would give him an ounce of attention.  He stared at it and pretended it was some new age video game console and he was slated to be the new World Champion.

He only took off the stickers that were tracking his heart's electrical pulses twice.  Both in protest to being sent to his room.  Even kids with sick hearts get timeouts.

While he did awesome with it, I had a harder time.

A visual reminder that our current future was very, very uncertain.

We have tentative plans for a few trips this Summer and every time we discussed it, the thought "we might be in the hospital" was sitting in the shadows.  My nature is to plan, prepare.  And this isn't going to allow me either.

I purposely kept us busy during the days, but the nights were long.

Checking on him, just one more, one more time.  Then another, just to be sure he was OK.

Laying in bed next to him.  Listening to his soft snores.  Hand to his heart, feeling the beats.  Telling myself we are going to make it.

We dropped the monitor off on Thursday morning and they said it would be uploaded by that afternoon.  The staff would look at it, but as long as there wasn't anything life threatening, we wouldn't hear from the doctor until Tuesday.

Friday came and went with no calls and my nerves eased up.

My plan to survive the waiting had one bullet point: Stay Busy.

We had a wedding that was going to take the majority of our weekend and included a kid free overnight hotel stay.  Monday we played with friends and Tuesday morning I hung to the phone.


At 10, my phone rang and it was the cardiologist.  My heart raced when I answered and I held my breath.

And then she told me that, after reviewing his holter results, she thinks his heart rate was wonderful.  Not too fast, not too slow.  No need for any type of intervention.  No medication changes and certainly no need for a pace maker.

Once again, Gabe's heart seems to be picking up the slack of the parts that aren't doing their job.  He does have a Junctional Rhythm, but it isn't effecting him at all.

And to top it off, we were given a 6 month pass until his next appointment.  The longest stretch he's ever had between appointments.

So for now, nothing will change.  His heart is miraculously strong enough for the Fontan and once he gains some more weight, we will start looking at scheduling that.  But for now, we are celebrating Gabe and his continued ability to beat all the odds.


Mo said...

What wonderful news!

kimmer said...

Happy tears this morning as I thank God for this beautiful boy in our lives and all the miracles along the way. He's a very special little boy with a very special amazing heart and strong attitude to get him through it all! A little superstar all the way! Such good news!

Anonymous said...

Danielle Huddleston said...

Congrats! That is awesome! We are bringing my youngest to the hospital for surgery his hearing Friday and it is hard not to be stressed! I am so glad your little man is doing well and you get a less stressful summer!

Jamie {See Jamie blog} said...

Awesome. That is good news!

Kaia said...

Awesome! Praise be to God!

Rebecca Stanley said...


Crystal Oh said...

Got choked up when I got to the good news part! Way to go Gabe! (and God!)

Stefenie said...

Wonderful news to hear and congrats on getting a six month pass. Yay!!! Enjoy your summer filled with everything fun and zero worries!