Earlier this week I showed up at book club with dirt caked to my knees.

I tried unsuccessfully to rub it off but ended up embracing it.  I threw on some shorts and let myself feel a little proud that I'd spent an afternoon kneeling in dirt.  I also sported a dirt manicure, just for good measure.

I love this time of year.  It's not too hot and I can almost trick myself into thinking that this will be the year I defeat the weeds.  I admire the literal fruit of my labor while a soundtrack of kids and sprinklers plays in the background.

Andrew has been knocking out some yard work that I've been nagging asking nicely to have done for years.  The swing set has been pressure washed, we have new mulch laid, and the pool is nearly functional.

We are cruising through seat work in the mornings, all of us eager to get outside before it gets hot.  And everyday, the garden is giving us glimpses of what's to come.



Green Peppers


Mystery Squash 
(rogue seed from last year I'm guessing)

I was a little afraid to tell Andrew I forgot to plant the watermelon.  Then I noticed this in the garden:

And this:

And this:

So it looks like we are good in the watermelon department.  I got a little lazy at the end of the last garden and just left the fruit we didn't eat to decompose.  Didn't think about the seeds growing.  These aren't really in the best spots.  They are going to take over the yard by the time we are harvesting, but I think it's pretty neat that they survived the winter so who am I to pull them up?

I did have a buzz kill this week when I noticed the squash bugs are back.  I tried to drown them and squish them, but I'm already scared for this battle.

Blackberries are starting and so are the pears, figs, and pomegranates.

I love watching it all grow!


Nicole said...

Curse you squash bugs!!!

kimmer said...

Try spraying some soapy water on them. That's what people do for boxelderbugs. I think it kills them and also it's biodegradable and washes off in the rain. Worth a try?? I love your beautiful (dirty) green thumb! HA!!!