What (not) To Wear - Hiking

On the last day of our Arizona trip the winds kept us from the pool.

So we decided to go for a hike at the McDowell Mountain Range Loop.

Now, I'm no expert hiker.  I don't own hiking boots or a camelback water pack.  The only athletic shorts I have are reserved for the days I eat more ice cream then I should and need the forgiveness of an elastic waist band.

I normally wouldn't recommend taking my advice in regards to hiking.

But hear me in this friends; if the wind is blowing at a 5, it will be a strong 10 in a basin at the foot of a mountain.  A strapless dress, flip flops, and a straw hat are not the right choice.


Rachel said...

I would definitely agree with your hiking advice, though I'm no hiker either! That looks altogether a bit uncomfortable for a hiking trip. I once was hiking and got lost and walked 7 miles while wearing swimming shoes....those blisters taught me the important of always wearing real shoes while hiking!

Dee said...

The good news is that you looked cute!

Paige said...

That title paired with that picture made me laugh out loud!!!!