Roam School - Atlanta History Center

Can you feel it friends?

We are in the homestretch towards the end of the school year.  Mere weeks separate us from completely unplanned days filled with popsicles, friends, and chlorine.  It's easy to look out the window and forget that math is kind of important.

So I'm putting on my thinking cap and finding ways for us to move more school outside.

My quick answer?

Field trips.  And lots of them.

It's garden time here in Georgia so this month will be heavy on the planting-farming-here-is-a-shovel-get-to-work type schooling.

I kicked it all off with a really fun day at the Atlanta History Center for their monthly Homeschool Day.

This month's theme was Living Off The Land and it was awesome.  

The whole thing was set up like a farm during the 1800's.  The employees were in full costume and the kids were able to get hands on in every exhibit.  They made butter, weaved fabric, assisted the cook and the blacksmith, and had to get to the school room in time for classes.


kimmer said...

What an awesome day! Looks like so much fun! That photo of Gabe in his little baseball hat...how do I order a copy of that??? Love you all!!!

Little for a Little While said...

I love your style :)