Falling Back

We are home and it feels good.

Surrounded by our things, sleeping in our own beds.

Coming home from time with family is always a bit tricky for me.  Leaving one home to get back to another.  Heading to either place is bittersweet and a bit sad.

I'm happy for the kid's tan lines to remind me of our trip.  Josie's in the shape of goggles, Gabe's in permanent flip flops.

We hit the ground running.  

Restocking the fridge, going on a field trip, babysitting for a friend.  Andrew went down to work in Augusta this weekend.  Apparently Waffle House is a hot spot during the Masters.  He was super excited and it was the perfect excuse for a meeting of the Waffle Wives Club (meaning we crashed Amber's house and let the kids run wild).

I'm letting us ease back into routines.  No reason to rush the unpacking.  It will all fall back into place, just like always.

I was pretty excited to feel Spring when we stepped off the plane in Georgia.

Even if it does mean my pretty silver car is looking a bit more canary yellow these days.

We are off to the nursery today to get the garden going.

I can already taste the fresh tomatoes and cucumbers!

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

I would like to know if that yoga/ball stretch pose (pictured in the magazine on the table) is AT ALL possible @_@
And don't tell me you can strike that pose...I will be extremely envious :)
Glad you are home!
Amy K

Anonymous said...

I would love to see your club house!:)