Last Hike

On the last day of vacation, we woke up to some nasty winds that ruled out one last pool day.

I really wanted to see the real desert so we loaded up and headed to the McDowell Mountain Range to fit in one last hike.  

I wish Andrew would have been with us.  He would have been all over the mountain hikes.  Us?  We had our eyes on the mile loop with educational pitstops every 25 feet.

See the fog on the mountains?

That's actually dust getting kicked up by the wind!  It was so windy in the basin of the mountains!

And major bonus, it thunder stormed that night.  A desert rain is one of the greatest things ever.

April is blooming time for cactus and we got a great show on our hike.

cactus skeleton

Thinking next year I may join Andrew on one of those mountains.



Kelsey said...

Can I say that I am cracking up at you hiking in some cheetah print flats, only you Nicole!! Love it!

Cristi said...

You've inspired me to go search out some flowers in our area. It might still be a few weeks before ours are in full bloom, though.

Next year you should definitely try one of the mountain hikes!

Nora said...

What Kelsey said.