The Desert

We are here in Arizona enjoying all the desert has to offer.

I love to use real life happenings as a spring board for school.  In the past I've brought theme work with us to Arizona.  Sometimes we got around to it, but most of the time we were too busy doing vacation stuff do much school work.  So this year we did our desert learning before we came.

We had a blast with this one.  I think the excitement of our trip kept everyone interested in what we were learning.

I'm tracking our days and trying to get in the required 180 days before the end of June so we will be doing school a few days while we are here.  But when the weather is this nice and you can do school at the park in between races down the slide, it's not that bad.

cat in the hat desert book (love this whole series); desert sensory boxes;
 sand paintings; handprint camels; clay cacti; fork print cacti; sunset desert art


Danielle Huddleston said...

I love all the crafts you do! I just do not get around to them! I am lazy. Have you seen the Magic School Bus episode on the desert? So good! I really like most of their stuff though.