Since we won't be home around Easter, I bumped our Easter lessons up a week.

We've done the same Holy Week chart for four years now and Josie still loves it.  I read a little more this year since she had the basics down.  It's humbling to see how the resurrection effects her.  She gets sad at the sad parts and happy at the happy parts and in all of it I remember that kids are so, so faithful.

We did Ressurection Eggs again this year too.  I didn't start early enough to do it like a devotion so we just did a couple every day.  I loved hearing Josie open the eggs and tell Gabe what the items meant.

And then I threw in some fun arts and crafts and a fun lunch.

Seriously, have you ever seen kids so happy about carrots?!?


jordyn said...

that looks like so much fun! they are so excited in those last two pictures -- i love it!

but now i'm craving some jelly beans...

Crystal Oh said...

This has nothing to do with Easter lessons but her having that hair is just not fair LOL! The curls, the color...jealous!