Documented - 3/15

Life This Week

This week was weird.

Good, but weird.  I just felt off all week.  Nothing is wrong, in fact we had a really great week, but I just haven't felt like myself.  I have a long list of things I want to get done but the days just didn't have enough hours in them.  

And I was starting to second guess myself on my decision to hold off on starting preschool with Gabe.  I see other kids his age already doing school like stuff and it makes me worry I'm not doing enough with him.  After praying about it, I really feel like the best thing for him is to keep moving slow and just using real life as his first school.  I just have to shove my pride down and know that this is the best choice for my child in this season.

Anyways, our week was good but strange and I'm ready to start a new one on Monday.

School This Week

School was great this week.  We are learning about bears.  And by "learning about bears," I mean we are eating gummy bears, making bear caves, and reading bear books in excess.

We started a new reading program and are loving it.  It's more workbook style then the one we just finished up so we can take it outside which we all enjoy.  We leave in two weeks for vacation and I already have the Let's Blow This Joint fever.  Trying to stay on track as best I can!

Going & Seeing

Other then our normal Tuesday ballet class and church on Wednesday, we pretty much stuck around the house this week.

I did have book club on Monday night.  It's always one of my favorite nights of the month.  I love the group of women in our group.  We all come from different backgrounds and are different ages so the discussion is pretty interesting.  The book wasn't a top favorite for anyone, but we went out for Italian food and anytime that many carbs are involved it's sure to be a good night!

One of Josie's friends from church had a St. Patrick's Day party on Thursday.  Her mom is a master party thrower and we had a really fun morning!  The kids made a few crafts, went on a scavenger hunt for a leprechaun's treasure, and had a green lunch.

Kid's Favorite

The kids were great this week and enjoyed all our fun bear activities.  I'd say playing with gummy bears was at the top of the list though.

Thankful For

So much.

This taste of Spring has me feeling grateful for all the everyday things in life.  I'm thankful that the kids and I have been having such great days together.  I'm thankful for two more big trips coming up, one to Arizona and one to see my little sister graduate in May.  Date nights, good friends, and steps forward.


"GABRIEL! Sit down right now!  I'm trying to teach you about the good Lord's resurrection!" - Josie said in a voice I'm sure isn't endorsed by the good Lord.

"Hold my bear.  Hold my pencil.  Hold my me." - Gabe asking to be carried

Josie also asked me if I had any boyfriends other then Andrew and how babies get made.  I may have fudged the facts on both answers.


Danielle Huddleston said...

Are you doing All About Reading? We just started All About Spelling at the beginning of the year and I like how the lessons are laid out.

kimmer said...

Hold my me!!! All time favorite! Oh how I love these kiddos!!!

Suburban Farm Girl said...

Good for you for holding off when you feel your little boy needs more time. Those first years are so important and there are many ways to learn. Kids can glean so much by just being a part of our lives and being read to. They will learn when they are ready. Have a good week!