TOS Review - Flowering Baby

What is it?

Flowering Baby is a curriculum company started by a mom, Martha, that homeschooled her young child.  She put a ton of work into planning her child's lessons and decided that instead of letting that hard work go to waste, she would turn it into a full curriculum to help out other homeschooling moms.

Martha has a background in accounting and her partner, who is also her mother, has an extensive background in early childhood education.  I love the foundations that this company is based on.

Flowering Baby offers five different programs, broken up by age.  Each level has tons of activities designed to help your preschooler thrive at each stage of development.

We reviewed the three to four year old curriculum.  The main lessons in this level focus on early math, language, science, and self help.  The program is available as a download or on a CD.  It provides activities broken down by month for you to do with your preschooler.  All lessons give a brief description and a list of any needed materials.

How we used it:

Gabe just turned three last month and this was the first bit of semi formal schooling I've done with him. With Josie, I was rip roaring and ready to go right when she turned three.  With Gabe, I'm feeling more laid back.  Flowering Baby was a great starting point for us.

This curriculum is broken up by month and outlines about 15 days worth of activities.  The activities are simple and easy to do.  They ranged from reading a book and doing a small art project to go with it to counting raisins or cookies.  The activities are pretty much things that you could think up yourself, but having them listed out in an order that make sense was just what I needed to get started.

We did the activities about two days a week.  I picked and choose which I felt he was ready for and skipped over some of the more advanced activities.  Josie was my assistant and was able to really get into her role.  We were able to complete all of a days activities in about 30 minutes, which seemed like the perfect amount of time for a little guy.

I also noticed that I was doing a lot more reinforcement during the day than I had been.  We counted rocks, we sorted socks, we sang the ABC's.  All things that are helping his brain grow.  Flowering Baby really got me to notice how much Gabe is ready for.

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My Opinion:

If you have a young child and could use a bit of an outline for starting their education, Flowering Baby may be just what you're looking for.  I enjoyed going down the list and watching Gabe catch on to the concepts.

I think that I will continue to use this list for ideas to use with Gabe.  I will not be using it as a daily curriculum, mostly because of my relaxed approach to preschool.

Product Details:

Flowering Baby Three - Four Year Curriculum - $38.00
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Disclaimer:  I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are mine.