Documented - 2/15

Life This Week

Feeling a bit scattered and stressed.

All of my own doing, so I'm trying to refocus.  March and April are always big travel months for our family and Andrew's been working a lot.  My To Do Lists have To Do Lists.  I'm telling myself that it's ok to not do it all, to relax and just enjoy.  Who cares if we don't have clean underwear by the end of the month, right?!?

School This Week

Half awesome, half hair loss inducing.

Josie is really starting to take off with reading and we are all enjoying our dinosaur theme.  Wednesday brought a case of "I Don't Wannas" and I spent the whole morning fighting to get Josie to finish school.  We ended up stopping and finishing up after a good, long nap.

We are reviewing a new math program and the jury's still out on if we like it or not.  The hands on parts are fun, but the method is new to me so teaching it has been...interesting.

Gabe has become a pretty constant pest during school so I've decided I'm going to start preschool when we get back from Arizona.  He's ready so I need to get the ball rolling.

Going & Seeing

We started our week with a fun field trip to Babyland General.  It's where Cabbage Patch Kids are born and, as a child of the 80's, I think I was more excited then Josie was!  We watched a baby be born from a cabbage and got a good history lesson in the dolls.  Josie even got to pick out a new friend.

We went to our amateur co-op yesterday.  Hearts, candy, love!  Kelsey hosted which was a nice change and got us out of the house for a few hours.

I also had book club on Monday.  It's one of my favorite nights of the month.  I love the ladies.  We read The Language of Flowers.  You can read my thoughts on it here.

We are driving down to see our favorite Floridians today!  Grandma and Grandpa are on duty for the next 72 hours.  Not sure what we'll do while we are down there, but I've been missing my Dad like crazy so I am super happy.

Man!  Busy week, no wonder I'm feeling off kilter!

Kids Favorite

That's s tough one.  We did a ton this week and it was all super fun!

Josie said it was a toss up between getting her new doll and bowling.  Andrew gave Gabe a little football that hasn't left his hand since Monday so I'd say that was his highlight!

Out My Window

Rain.  Rain, rain, rain.

Trying to remind myself that we need the rain to have the flowers, but I'm really ready to resume recess!

Thankful For

My Amber.

We've got an on again, off again Thursday date that is my favorite.  Some Thursday mornings we have our little co-op and Olivia has dance here on our side of town at night so they just come hang out here in between.  The kids love it and spend the day playing (aka - girls running and squealing, Gabe chasing and causing chaos) and Amber and I sit.

Seriously.  That's what we do.  We sit and read or lesson plan or surf the internet and just have random chit chat.  So perfect for my busy body tendencies that sometimes need to just chill.

Kid Quote

"That car looks just like yours.  Except it's gray.  And a van." - Josie (6 years old)

"Will I still be the winner even if I don't win?" - Josie, our graceful loser (6 years old)


Danielle Huddleston said...

What math are you trying out? I am really starting to like ours but had a BIG learning curve for me! It is a totally different concept then what I had learned.

Anonymous said...

My lists have lists too so I know how you feel. I don't know about the clean underwear part but I definitely weigh on a daily basis if it matters that my dust bunnies are growing. {smile} My mother-in-law took my kids to the cabbage patch hospital years ago and they loved it! So much fun! Have a great week and trip to Florida.