Kids At Heart

A couple of weeks ago I heard about Kids At Heart.

Kids At Heart is an awesome non-profit that holds camps, special events, and get togethers for families that are dealing with congenital heart disease.  Even though I'm pretty socially awkward, I would love to meet some other families that are facing the same hurdles we are.

And I really would love for Gabe to have some friends that can relate to his special heart.

Last night we went to our first event.

Macy's opened up the Pink Pig (a weird Atlanta tradition where you ride a train that looks like a pig through a tent) to all Kids At Heart families.

We even got to invite friends!

We didn't meet any other heart families at the event, but I am sure we will at the Christmas Party.

I'm thinking this group is going to be a great resource for us.

Kids At Heart is open to any family that has a child with a Congenital Heart Defect.  You can sign up on the website.


kimmer said...

It's great that you now know about this great resourse...and I love the picture of Gabe and his Daddy on the train!!! It's so great! Love their big smiles!!!