Geography - Australia

We are cruising right along in our continent studies!

This past week was Australia and we had a week full of fun activities.

We learned about the Great Barrier Reef.

I'm so happy I found out National Geographics Kids has all these awesome videos!  We watched one all about the Great Barrier Reef.

After we watched the video, we made these sponge balls that I found on Pinterest.  Then the kids used them to make pictures of their own Great Barrier Reefs.

Here is Josie's masterpiece!

We learned all about marsupials.

Josie was the cutest kangaroo I've ever seen.  Looks like this kangaroo adopted her babies too!

Andrew was in charge of figuring out how to make a Didgeridoo.

Haven't heard of a didgeridoo before?  It's an Australian instrument that looks like a long pipe.  I love when Andrew gets in on our lessons and this one was right up his alley!

We made boomerangs too.  

They didn't fly very well, but we had fun trying!

We wrapped it all up by making an Australian cake called a Lamington Cake.

This one would have been delicious if I hadn't messed it up.  I only had whole wheat flour and totally forgot to put in baking powder and baking soda so it turned out really dense.  It still tasted OK, but nothing like the spongey goodness we were hoping for.

We only have two continents left and we will be done!