Samson's Classroom

Josie has been using an online program called Samson's Classroom for the past couple of months.
We were given a Family Level Membership for this review.  This level allows for up to four children to be tracked for a one time cost of $50.
Samson's Classroom is recommended for kids in grades K-5 and has three different components, sight words, spelling, and reading.  You can have your student learn from the word lists provided or you can enter in your own word and spelling lists.  From there, students play fun, arcade style games to learn the words.

Each section builds on itself.  First introducing the word and skill and then adding in the game component as the child moves on.  Samson, a fun dog, works with the child on each level.  Words are read aloud along with directions for each game.  I loved this feature as it allowed Josie to play while I wasn't able to sit right next to her.
This is an online program and everything you need is included.  
You also will get automatic updates anytime that they are made for no additional cost.  This is awesome since so many updates are made to online programs.  There are also word lists, lesson plans, and worksheets that can be printed out to extend the learning.

Since Josie is just starting to read, we used Samson's Classroom as an enrichment activity.  
Two days a week, she was allowed to play after she was done with her other school work.  The games were fun enough that she saw them as a reward and was excited to get to play.  
Her favorite by far were the spelling games.  She loved karate chopping the correct letters and running from the big spider. I loved the sight word games and how they reinforced the words we were learning in her reading program.
The reading portion of Samson's Classroom was to in depth for her.  We are just starting to work on basic narration so answering the questions about the longer passages wasn't fun for her.  I did take a peek at it myself and thought that it was a very well developed idea.  Since we have the membership for an entire year I plan to keep working on this with Josie.
Overall, I think this is a neat program that is worth the very low cost.  
It is fun and educational.  Repetition is so great for learning sight words and spelling and Samson's Classroom offers that.  I also love that updates are done automatically and for free.  Being able to create our own word lists is also a selling point for me.
Check out the Samson's Classroom website for more information.
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Disclaimer:  I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are mine.