Just Like This

There's been a glorious shift in the weather down here in Georgia.

Fall is peeking it's head around the corner and we can almost taste it.  It's bringing leggings under dresses and ample time outside.

And let's not forget the return of the afternoon apple cider ritual.  Man, I missed apple cider.

Gabe got a new trike (that Josie promptly stole) so now they each have wheels.

We've been spending our mornings on the parking pad.  In the six years we've lived in this house, the kids have never really played on this huge slab of concrete.

It's getting a workout now.

Funny how a change of scenery, even if it's just the other side of the house, can bring so much happiness.

Last week, as I was sitting in my pjs drinking a yummy latte, I had a big goofy smile that I couldn't wipe off.

It was one of those near perfect moments and I thought, "I need to remember this exact moment."

I want to bottle this stage of life.

Gabe's 2 year old fat hands that are still sporting the dimpled knuckles.  

Always dirty.


Josie's brown shoes that are too small and have scuffed up toes, that she picks out to wear every day.

Oh, Gabe.  You're skilled in the drama category beyond your years.  We've been babying this tiny stubbed toe for a week now.  

And let's just take a minute to soak in those wonky toes.  I could eat every. single. one.

Josie, your hair smells like buttercups and roses.  

I love it down and curly, big and puffy.  

But my favorite?  

These sweet braided pigtails going down your back that remind me you're still just a tiny girl.

Gabe, you have mastered the "You Can't Stay Mad At Me" face.  

I'm in trouble, y'all.  

Serious trouble.

Sweet Josie Girl.  You lost three teeth already this year and now have three more about to fall out.  Entirely too big, but so very exciting!

I can't tell you how much I want those two front teeth out before Christmas.

I want to remember everything about them.

When they are graduating high school, moving away for college, starting families of their own.  I'm going to be sad.  I'm going to miss these days.

When I think back, I want to remember them.  

Just like this.


Anonymous said...

Super Sweet Post :)
Amy K.

Ashley O'Brien said...

Sweetest post...definitely brought tears to my eyes!

BumbersBumblings said...

absolutely precious!!

kimmer said...

Love those little pedal pushers!!! And I am thankful for them every day. Sending love to you All!