Atlanta Heart Walk

I read about the Atlanta Heart Walk at the start of the Summer and knew it was something I wanted to start doing with Gabe. I thought it would be a fun tradition as he grows older and would show him how many awesome people are living with different heart conditions.

So Saturday morning we woke up way, way early and headed downtown to join up with a ton of other heart supporters to walk a 5K.

My mom flew in and Andrew's parents came to walk with us.

It was a gorgeous morning.  

I had to laugh watching our team walking.  Apparently red is the color for heart health and our yellow color scheme was easy to spot in the crowd!  Oops!

Gabe walked a little, rode a little, and was carried a lot.

 Gabe had a pretty good time.

Thank you to everyone that supported us financially.  

We surpassed our goal which was super fun.  Even more fun were all the texts and emails we got telling us how much everyone loves our Gabe and his special heart.

Here's to many more Heart Walks for Team Gabriel!


Donovan Doins said...

What a meaningful way to have fun!

Amber said...

I hate that I had to miss it, but love that y'all rocked your own colors!

kimmer said...

It was a great day and I feel so blessed to have been a part of it and more than anything to have Gabriel in our lives!!! He is a survivor and he is loved by many! How I love this little boy!

Becca said...

I wish we had been in town, then we would have been there and we could ahve met up and our little miracle boys could be friends :-)

Beth said...

I love this! Wish we could've been there sporting some yellow too!

sarah k said...

This is sweet!

amy D said...

Wow, what a great tradition to start :)