Geography - Europe

Last week's geography lesson kind of got away from me.

We took a Well Day to go explore a local animal park and then Andrew and I had a date day that cut out another day of lessons.  I also had a hard time getting focused for Europe.  There are so many countries and cultures wrapped up in that one continent and I just couldn't decide what to do with all that information.

We ended up squeezing in a couple of things and she can find it on the map so I'm moving on.  We will come back around in the next year or two and spend some time in each country.

We started out by finding Europe on our map and reading a few books about the continent.  I told her about all the countries that made up this small continent.  Her Mae Mae spends a lot of time in Europe so Josie had heard of quite a few of the countries which made it fun.

Since Josie is Queen of the Tea Party, I knew I wanted to spend a little time learning about England.

We learned about the guards with the big fuzzy hats, the Queen of England, and had a fun tea party with her friend Brooklyn.

Then we jumped over to Italy.

We read all about Italy from some great picture books from the library and then had a big spaghetti dinner.  Josie was supposed to help me cook but we had a house full of friends and she was just too busy.  Italy is a country we will for sure be digging into deeper when we start doing countries so I wasn't too worried about it.

My hands still smell like garlic and dinner was yum!

Next week is Africa and I found some awesome activities and recipes for us to try.  


kimmer said...

I love that Gabe got in on the tea party....even tho he hasn't quite learned the art of the delicate sipping of the tea! Great picture of him chugging it down! Love it!