Two Wheelin'

It's happening.

My little girl is learning to ride her bike without training wheels.

Is it just me or does this feel like the first step to her leaving me behind?

Two wheels to speed away.  Watching her so determined to get it, to grow up, I can't help but think of when she learns to go with four wheels.

She's changing so much, so fast.  

She's learning to read without any help and to tie her shoes.  She folds her laundry and make her own pb&j and take out the trash.  She can add and writes the cutest little notes I've ever seen. 

She needs us less and less.

And I know that's the goal.

To raise her to be an independent person.  Able to live in the big world without needing a constant hand to hold.

I know there are lots and lots of years left, but this whole bike riding thing is making it all seem not so far off after all.

She doesn't have it yet.

We get about ten minutes of practice in a day before our backs can't stand another second hunched over her teeny bike.  Her balance is still really off and she gets frustrated that she can't make the thing do what she wants.

But she'll get it.  No doubt about it.  

We learned pretty fast that I may be a good teacher in the classroom, but I am the worst bike riding teacher ever.

Andrew has taken over all future lessons involving wheels in order to preserve both Josie and my sanity.

I'm so glad he's here to teach her.

And that this midget will still let me baby him.  Although, by the looks of it, he's getting a little too eager to grow up too.


Brooke said...

I am NOT a good bike-rider-teacher. I lack something called patience :) I was told by a local bike store owner that T's bike (same size as Josie's) is actually too small to "learn" on. They need a size up. Supposedly, bigger wheels, less pedal rotation, easier to learn balance. Not so sure I buy it, but it got me thinking. She still has yet to master 2 wheels, and she's more and more afraid. So I've cut practicing down for now. Ok by me! They'll eventually be asking to bike to a friend's house.

Natasha said...

I've heard really good things about the method shown in this video:


Basically, it teaches them how to balance before the pedals are reintroduced. Pretty cool! =) But maybe I shouldn't share this so she doesn't grow up any faster ;)

Sarah said...

Oh can I relate to this! This summer I tried several times to teach Elaina to ride her bike. Each time she politly told me, "Mom...you're kind of stressing me out. Maybe Daddy could teach me instead?"

Yes....That is a much better idea.

Golly you have cute kids!

Anonymous said...

Ny daughter is the same age...here's what worked for all my kids:

She needs a bigger bike, maybe and 18-20inch depending how tall she is. She also needs a HELMET. :)

start to gain balance by letting her sit on the bike while rolling down a slight grassy hill (the grass helps incase she falls). The more the does that, shell be able to balance in no time.

Then after she's gained her balance, ask her to pedal a little bit at the bottom of the hill and see how much further she can go. When she's got that down, she's ready for pavement!

Good luck!

kimmer said...

As Bill and I read your post today we enjoyed these wonderful photos and your beautiful words, once again!
Only one thing we want to say and that's this: both of these fantabulous little ones do need you ALWAYS! No matter how big or how old they are! That's my words of wisdom for the day. You and Andrew are such awesome parents! Hugs!