New Ride

Gabe isn't the only one that got a new ride.

After 11 years driving my 1996 Nissan Altima, that is sporting over 256,000 miles, we have finally upgraded our wheels.

This was a hugely stressful situation for me.

The Altima is still running and a car is a big purchase.  And I am seriously no good at committing to big purchases.

We spent a couple of days dragging two tired kids around to test drive car after car and ended up getting the one we had been dreaming about for a couple of years now.

It's a 2007 Camry Hybrid with super low miles.

Between brakes that really work and a radio that can rock my husband's teenage girl music, I'm totally in love.

It took a few days to not feel like I'm just borrowing my mom's car (it's the exact same car she has).

We drove the heck out of it this past weekend and barely used any gas.  We are averaging about 47 miles a gallon which is rocking my world.  I'm thinking I should be able to go almost three weeks without having to fill up.

Compared to my old car, this one is pretty much like driving a spaceship.  And every time it goes into electric mode, I think it died.  Just a side effect of being broke down on the side of the road a time or two.

Even though I had some stage fright about biting the bullet on this huge purchase, I am really glad we did.

I'm starting to feel like a real adult!


karamurano said...

Hi, I came over from Leslie's blog when I saw that you were a foster/adoptive momma! my husband and I are pre-adoptive parents to a 14 month old little boy. we've had him since december 2011 when he came home at 4 months. birth mom out of the picture, reappeared in feb, and we started once a week visitation and have been to court 2 times so far.
anyway sorry for the long comment but I always love connecting with other fost/adopt mom's, I know so few :)

also, nice car! we just got a "vintage" 1998 minivan that we love!

take care.

Ashley said...

Nice! Enjoy!