I butchered Gabriel's hair.


You'd think I'd learn to just put the scissors down, but nope.  

My mom took one look at him when we landed and made a beeline for the barbershop.  

Not really, but she didn't put up any objections when I suggested that it might be time for Gabe to see a professional about cleaning up the mess on his head.

We walked over to Great Clips to get him all cleaned up before Easter.  The lady kind of looked at the spots where I'd cut way to close to his head and said, "I'm not sure I can fix that."

But, she did.  I only had a minor panic attack at the amount of curls that fell to the floor. 

And I'm sold.

No more home cuts for either of my babies.


Stephanie said...

I'm guilty of the same thing with my son, Miles, whose hair is VERY similar to Gabe's. After my dad gave me grief over his last haircut I had to break down and pay for an actual professional to do it. :)

Traci said...

He's so handsome I doubt it matters what his hair looks like. =D I cut my husbands hair though in an attempt to save money. The majority of the time it comes out just fine but every once in awhile.... I'm glad he wears a hat all the time ;D My sons hair is a different story. He's 18 months and I don't have the heart to hit that milestone of the big "first haircut" so it's getting pretty long. I think I like it long =)