5000 Pounds

We took these monkeys to the Phoenix Zoo last week.  

We go every year and it's always a fun day.  The weather was perfect which made the day even more fun.    

We rode the guided train for the first time and it was really informative.  Did you know that Rhinos weigh 5,000 pounds, can run 30 mph, and turn at the drop of a hat without stopping?!?  Pretty interesting!

The kids got to feed the giraffe again.  Even Gabriel got in on the action this year.  The whole trip was great but if you ask Josie, the best part was the (way overpriced) cotton candy.


Kaia said...

Josie's a girl after my own heart.. I love cotton candy something fierce! Even seriously contemplating buying a commercial machine to sell at our annual family campout.. hey, there's about 100 kids so it would probably be a worthy investment! And still wishing we could feed some animals at our zoo!

MEL [V] DESIGNS said...

We love going to that zoo....the only sad part is that those rhinos have bee sick since the 1st time we visited