back to reality

Tomorrow is our 3rd First Day Linky Party!  Set your cameras out tonight and snap away tomorrow.  
I'll meet you back here on Wednesday for a little show and tell!

We are home.

But I'm not quite ready to deal with the reality of unpacking.

A month long vacation deserves at least a week of slack as we fall back into our normal life, right?

The trip was awesome.  Pretty much unforgettable.  The kids are at a great age for travel like this.  Andrew and I couldn't believe how easily they both adjusted.  I run a pretty scheduled life at home and vacations are a free for all, so I'm never sure how they will do with so much spontaneity.

They rocked it.  

Which they must get from Andrew since I was begging Amber to bring me my planner by week 2.  I was jonesing for some order.

Gabe's toes are certified organic, gluten free, and totally edible.

Andrew and I were reminded why we don't have TV at home.

Let's just say Jack Bauer has my heart and 24 hours of my vacation as well.  Yikes.

The last day of our trip, my mom and I went and had massages.  

I'd never had one before.  As I laid there getting rubbed down by a stranger, I couldn't figure out why I hadn't.  Relaxed muscles are awesome.

Even more awesome?


I suppose I need to do something about the lack of clean underwear in the house now.  And our empty refrigerator.

Back to reality.  Full speed ahead.