Doubled Up

This past week we doubled up our fun by adding two of our favorite Georgia Peaches to the desert.

Amber and Olivia flew in early Monday morning and (tear) flew back home today.

Amber is my perfect vacation friend.  

Our kids get along great, she likes to just sit and read, she goes to bed at a decent hour, and to top it all off, she changes poopy diapers for me.

After 3 weeks with all adults, Josie and Gabe were super happy to have a friend here.

We spent most of the week swimming and shopping and eating more food then I care to admit.  I'll just say stretchy cotton dresses will be my friend for a few weeks.

It was an awesome week.

Heck, it's been an awesome month.  

I can't count how many times I've stopped to think about this past month and wondered how I got so lucky.  This is a pretty amazing life I get to live and the beauty of it all isn't lost on me.  I'm going home with a renewed sense of the need to pay it forward.  To appreciate what I have more and to quit lusting after material things.  This trip has been soul refreshing.  

So much happy all bundled up in my heart right now.

We are flying home on Monday.  I'm more then ready to see Andrew and a little frightened at what the house probably looks like after me being gone for so long, but as usual, I'm not looking forward to not having my Mom up the street.  

The kids and I are going to fill the weekend with as many memories as humanly possible while trying to fit all our junk back into our suitcases.