solo counting

I'm not ready to fully accept it, but Josie is phasing out naps.

That glorious 2 hours of daily solitude has dwindled down to 45 minutes.

An hour if I'm really lucky.

Problem is I still have to log 2 hours working for Adoption Discovery and that is nearly impossible once she is up.

So I've started planning ahead and laying out an activity for her to work on whenever she gets up.

We've done water play, painting, drawing, and now I can add math to my list of things she can do solo.

A few pipe cleaners, some scrap paper, and pony beads from the dollar store are all you need to try this one at your house.

She picks a number, slides the right amount of beads on, double checks her counting, then has me make sure it's right.

Couldn't be easier.

How do you get things done when your sidekicks are up?


Cunz Family said...

Oh what a great idea! Tommy hasnt taken a nap for me in about a year! They do have nap time at daycare and some days he naps for them, but on weekends he wont. I think I'm going to do this...because most weekends I get NOTHING done because the mini me's want to follow me around all day long...and those are my only 2 days to be productive. Which is why I have to hire someone to clean my house :/

Sarah said...

Love this idea!

I still make my 7 year olds have "quiet time" every day, even for an hour. I can't go without it...that's right (I) can't go without it! :)

Kristin said...

Cute idea - I think I'll try it. :) My older daughter (5) hasn't napped for 3 years. :/

Amy said...

Mines is 3 1/2 and still naps for 2 hours (or more) ... and sleeps all night FINALLY (didnt start till 3).... but man when he is up ... HE IS UP .. and he NEVER STOPS talking and moving and going! LOL so he wears himself out! But when I am busy, and need to get design work done etc... I set up activities too that he can do on his own... with verbal encouragement ... or set up tents for him to play in :) Hope you find some more fun things!!!!

Stefanie said...

I can relate, my 4 yo very rarely naps anymore. But she still has to have quiet time in her room. I lay her down in the hopes that she falls asleep but most of the time she just plays quietly in there. She stays until I accomplished what I need to with my fifth grader.

Popping in from HSMJ

The Sierra Home Companion said...

That is a great idea! I bet you could do it with site words and use alphabet beads too.
Mine kids have forced rest time with clocks in their rooms that have to match the time they are allowed to come out. Mom still needs to get things done and kids still need a break too.

Katrina said...

Hey, I love this idea! I'm teaching a Kindergartener this year, so I'm going to do this with him this week. Thanks for the idea. (hope you don't mind that I pinned it onto my Pinterest board :)
Have a great week!

The Freemans said...

Hi, just dropping by to follow. I am a newbie on the crew. Great idea for counting. I am going to try this with my two youngest. They are 3 and 5 years old. They are gonna love this activity! Thanks for sharing.